Ico-Cur-Resourcen UPDATE: 10/21/07

With this program, all accessible Icons and Cursors of the PC or CD can be shown.

  • Icons: All Icons from *.Ico-, * .Exe- and *.Dll-files become displayed.
  • Cursors: All Cursors from *.Cur-files become displayed.

  • The show takes in a picture-list. The pictures have a size of 32 xes 32 pixels.
    Since Icons can have also other sizes, the pictures are possibly zoomed.

    With click on a picture, this full-size is presented with statement of the source file.
    At *.Ico- and *.Cur-files file-size, picture-size and color-depth declared, otherwise only the picture-size.

    An individually indicated object can be take on in " ToolEdit ", and there it can be processed.
    BETTER: In the newest version of ToolEdit, this program is contained!