Tool - Editor UPDATE: 11/09/09

Without special instruments, the programmer is dependent on existing mouse-pointers and icons.
The TOOL-EDITOR enables the preparation of own objects, which are necessary for sensible programming.
It consists of CURSOR-, ICON- and PICTURE-EDITOR.

Objects can be produced with 2, 16 and 256 colors (also cursors!).
With 16 or 256 colors each color can be attached with each RGB - value.
If CURSORs / ICONs are loaded with more than 256 colors, they are reduced to 256 colors.
PICTUREs can also have more than 256 colors.

Icons can be loaded or extracted from * .EXE - and * .DLL-Files (32x32 pixel). Besides the usual size of 16x16 or 32x32 pixels icons can be produced with other sizes to 255 x 255 pixels.
The alternative: Transparently GIF! (these are absolutely necessary for the construction of a Homepage, because there no *.ico can be portrayed).

The PICTURE-EDITOR is mainly thought for the production of symbols for buttons. *.BMP-, *.GIF- and *.JPG-files are loadable.
He enables save of:
  • GIF, JPG or BMP
  • Transparently GIF
  • Icons as 2 masks in A GIF-or BMP-file for the fast representation of Icons with mask-technology.

  • The function "Save as GIF, JPG" originated after "Bmp2Gif.g32" from Michael Weigand.
    BMPs are converted with help of IrvanView in GIF, JPG. To it must stand "i_view32.exe" (only EXE) in WinDir!
    Download: (free for private).

    The TOOL - EDITOR enables the show off all *.CUR- and *.ICO-files and all extractable icons in *.EXE- and *.DLL-files, that are on the PC or on CD. All objects can be shown in an overview, and can be token over the editor for treatment.

    Several individual saved pictures could be put together to a picture - strip, e.g. all pictures/icons for a toolbar.

    The TOOL-EDITOR can NOT work on animate Cursors (* .ANI) and icon-files with several icons.

    The program appraises the command-line. One can put in with it, that with double-click on *.CUR- or *.ICO-files in the Explorer (or one corresponding Commander) these with ToolEdit is opened.